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Samsung Galaxy S20 is too damn expensive

Samsung Galaxy S20 Is Too Damn Expensive

And, unlike the S10 which features a front-facing camera on the right side, the Ultra’s hole-punch selfie cam has been moved to the middle of the display. On the right side is a power button that doubles as a Bixby button to call up Samsung’s voice assistant. But unlike the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung has done away with the headphone jack here. You can use the Ultra to zoom up to 100x on your subject. And while the phone is definitely capable of it, I’m not sure the feature is really necessary.

Get a carrier model, though, and you’ll probably need to go on a more extensive purge. Samsung has switched to 120Hz display panels across the Galaxy S20 lineup, resulting in far smoother animations.

Will Samsung announce price drops for the Galaxy S20 line this summer, something it’s done in the past? It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but it’s very clear there are some big problems with the Samsung Galaxy S20 line in the eyes of our readers. Even the ability to get out of those three answers by choosing “Another reason” didn’t offset the results by much. It’s very clear that the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the biggest reason why our readers aren’t buying one. However, it has competition for the cheap 5G crown.

Specs and performance: Overpowered as hell

I would say zooming to 25x or 30x is still usable if you don’t mind some fuzziness, but the further you go above 30x, the more your photo starts to look like an impressionist painting. And at 100x you might as well call yourself Claude Monet. For anything above 20x or so, you’re also going to need a tripod, or else you’ll spend so much time trying to hold the camera steady, you might miss your shot completely. And even if you do have a tripod, touching the phone to press the shutter button introduces even more blur into the photo, so it’s best to set a timer instead.

Remember, just a year ago, the most expensive Galaxy S9 topped out at a 6.2-inch display, and it felt plenty big. Now that’s the smallest Galaxy S phone you can buy. Also, that phone had 6GB of RAM, while the S20 has 12GB. Why am I comparing Samsung’s Galaxy S20 to the iPhone 11? Aren’t there enough Android phones to compare with?

Well, aside for the fact that Apple is arguably Samsung’s biggest competitor, looking at other Androids doesn’t make the Galaxy S20 seem any cheaper. Companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, and Vivo will soon launch phones with the same processor and similar camera setups for less money. Now, onto Live Focus, which adds a bokeh effect to photos. I mention this in my camera comparison of the 11 Pro and Ultra, but the blur can get a little tricky. At times, I found that bokeh would be overkill, often bleeding into people’s hair or facial features.

The background with Live Focus looks weirdly artificial. It also bothers me that it didn’t blur out the structure behind them, which throws off the blur a bit. If your subjects are already colorful, then the Ultra does a great job of enhancing those colors. But if you’re taking shots of nature or people, then it tends to overcompensate.


We think the baby S20 is the least overpriced of the bunch, though, and that discounts are currently so easy to come by that the $1000 MSRP doesn’t meaningfully exist. You do have to wait for it, but it’s guaranteed cash (provided you don’t break your phone). While slippery materials and the basic design language haven’t changed much, the screen has. In fact, I’d say the S20’s biggest design update compared to the outgoing S10 is the display. It’s mostly no longer curved, which I maintain is an objectively good thing. This makes it much less likely for your fingers to accidentally register touches on the edges of the screen, which has been a complaint of mine on Samsung phones since the original Galaxy S6 Edge. I also just think it looks better, especially with the much smaller pinhole camera cutout and even thinner bezels, though that’s entirely personal.

  • We shouldn’t need to swap one premium phone for another just to reach an affordable price.
  • Especially since the S20 Ultra is so ginormous as to be well past the size of smartphone a significant number of people are willing to accept.
  • Some of you might recall that Samsung was one of the first companies to publicly make fun of Apple for ditching the charger with the iPhone 12 series.
  • Don’t feel pressured to buy this phone solely because of 5G, unless you don’t plan on upgrading your phone for years, and are willing to wait until it hits your area.
  • The absurd price tag is also a weakness, because nothing on the S20 Ultra has convinced me it’s worth this much, especially considering how good cheap phones are these days.

Often, when I took photos with one hand, I literally couldn’t tap the display to bring the camera into focus. Rather than opting for a horizontal camera module that spans across the phone’s back, Samsung packed the sensors into a more rectangular form factor on the left side of the phone instead. And while it looks a lot more modern, the quad-camera setup takes up a lot of the phone’s rear real estate.

This mode blurs the background of a subject for an effect that approximates what you’d get from a DSLR with a big lens. You’re better off getting close to a subject with the main lens, as the natural bokeh it produces is fantastic. It’s amazing you can see objects so far away but that’s really all I’ve used it for.

Samsung has loaded up its new phones with so many high-end components and features, the end result feels like an innovation tax. In the past six months, whenever someone asked me “what’s the best budget phone on the market,” I’d say the iPhone 11. I’d get suspicious looks, but then I’d explain that it’s truly an amazing deal for $699, as it’s very close in performance to the $999 iPhone 11 Pro. And if you’re really on a tight budget, the iPhone XR and 8 are pretty good at very decent prices. Speaking to personalization, One UI’s customization options are extensive, significantly beyond those of stock Android, and I do encourage people to explore them. I have a list of 20 tweaks I like to make to my Samsung phones out of the box, a lot of which involves disabling some of the things I simply don’t use, like Bixby or edge panels. But that remains one of the saving graces of a software experience that can feel a little bloated for the uninitiated, in that you can just turn most of it off.

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We’ve broken down the differences between the Galaxy S20 versus the Galaxy S10 elsewhere, but here’s a quick summary of the biggest sacrifices you’ll have to make to enjoy the S10’s lower prices. We’ll need to wait and see how Samsung responds to all this. Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch with a lower-than-expected price?

  • The S20 starts at $999, the S20 Plus starts at $1,199, and the S20 Ultra starts at $1,399.
  • Specifically, the dubious real-world benefits of 5G come attached to phones that are becoming legitimately, ludicrously expensive.
  • As for the Ultra’s in-display fingerprint sensor, well…
  • I’ve been thinking far more creatively, trying different angles and subjects I otherwise would have ignored on other phone cameras.
  • This imaging technology isn’t new, but the results it produces in the S20 Ultra are a good deal better than those from its predecessor, the Galaxy S10.
  • Meanwhile, below are a mix of wide-angle and ultra-wide angle shots.

It just reinforces the fact that adding a huge megapixel count to your camera doesn’t automatically translate to better photos. That’s a theme that regularly came up using these cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review: It’s powerful. It’s beautiful. But do you really need it?

It’s also frustrating to use at times, which I’ll get to later. All in all, the Galaxy S20 series is everything we expected.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Is Too Damn Expensive

It’s why I eventually opted for the more manageable iPhone 11 Pro instead. It also Samsung Galaxy S20 Is Too Damn Expensive comes with Samsung’s “Infinity-O” display, allowing for very minimal bezels.

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Going down to 30x zoom, the quality is a bit better, but I still wouldn’t share most photos taken at this level. Now 10x—that’s something I want to see on every phone. It opens up so many more possibilities of what I can take a photo of, like a great shot of the Statue of Liberty, or the retro sign of a diner across the street. I’ve been thinking far more creatively, trying different angles and subjects I otherwise would have ignored on other phone cameras. It’s easy to understand why Samsung might be motivated to point budget-minded shoppers to discounted Galaxy S10 phones. While the new Galaxy S20 lineup boasts some impressive features, they have hefty price tags to match. The Galaxy S20 starts at $999 — the same price the Galaxy S10 Plus debuted at a year ago.

Size The most pocketable phone among the S20 family, and the right size for most people. The basic S20 avoids the gigantic proportions of its siblings, and is perfectly manageable even in a hefty case. Charging The 25W bundled charger is significantly faster than those on devices like the Pixel or iPhone, and is more than fast enough for quick top ups as you head out the door. 5G ready While it lacks the mmWave support of the S20+ and Ultra, we think that’s irrelevant.

OnePlus 10T review: Powerful and contentious at a reasonable price

That said, the Snapdragon 855-powered Galaxy S10 phones are hardly laggards. You won’t get best-in-class performance now that Snapdragon 865 devices are hitting the market, but the S10 lineup will run demanding apps and handle multitasking without any hiccups.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Is Too Damn Expensive

And capturing the couple that close up wasn’t difficult. Sure, the AI adds some really corny music to the video but I think it’s an underrated feature. Especially https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ for those who like to upload a lot of lifestyle content to their social accounts. When Samsung first introduced the feature, I thought it was really gimmicky.

And there is no value in the changes from the S10. This is the perfect combination of added features that people don’t want and the removal of those that people do. But people won’t spend more money than they have to, and last year’s phone for $600 less does the same thing. Each year, the latest entries in the Galaxy S line become some of the biggest hits in the smartphone market.

Night mode isn’t perfect with the main camera, either. Photos can often look over-processed, with oversaturated colors , fringing, and a halo effect on the edges of subjects. A comparison with the Pixel 4’s Night Sight showed Samsung’s phone can retain more detail, but black levels, color saturation, and temperature are usually wildly off.

In fact, when it comes to 5G performance, you’re more limited by the networks than what the phone can do. Moving on to sound, the S20 Ultra’s speakers use a familiar setup featuring a big speaker on the bottom of the phone and the earpiece above the display to deliver powerful stereo sound. The S20 Ultra has no trouble filling a medium-sized room with music, but audio quality doesn’t seem to have changed much from the Galaxy S10 or Note 10. Know what’s also putting the cart before the horse? The presence of a 5G modem didn’t enhance my everyday experience of using the phone. The Ultra supports both sub-6 and millimeter wave flavors of 5G, which you can read all about in our 5G guide. I’ve been using a T-Mobile SIM and network speeds have been similar if only slightly better than what I see with 4G LTE.

I never found a reason to record in 8k because I don’t have an 8k monitor to stream on. As you can tell from the photos, Night mode really saturates certain things. The people’s skin tones look lighter, the structure looks washed out, and the reds are super poppy.

You might see a tangible difference if you’re on Verizon, as mmWave nets much faster internet speeds, but you can only find it on a few blocks in a handful of cities in the country. The range also only extends as far as a couple of city blocks, and it barely penetrates buildings.

Galaxy S20 review: After a month in my pocket, I think this is the one to buy

We’ll be reviewing the phone some time in the coming weeks, and we’ll keep you in the loop on our findings as we can make them available. This meant that users who were long used to microSD cards and expandable storage suddenly found themselves having to juggle their phone’s storage. Making this worse was the fact that the phones topped out at 256GB of storage, while only the Ultra model allowed users to purchase a 512GB option. This would have been fine and understandable, but the fact that the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 phones came with a QHD display makes it even less value for money. In fact, the Galaxy S10+’s Pixel density of 522 PPI puts the Galaxy S21+’s 394 PPI to shame. Ultimately this means that people have less cash to spend and might save it for a rainy day and essentials rather than splurging it on a brand new phone. In this instance, it wouldn’t necessarily be Samsung’s fault, which brings us to our next point.